Our projects reflect each client’s style and personality because they’ve had an integral part in exploring design ideas. We feel clients get the best end result when there are opportunities to compare and contrast design ideas, with plenty of time to review during meetings. We are good listeners and also understand how to present information to foster collaboration.

Three design phases will take you from your beginning ideas to a set of construction documents.

Schematic Design: First we listen to the goals and priorities for your project. We’ll create 2 or 3 design options that satisfy the design requirements. Options are important – often the best solutions come out of the compare/contrast exercise of reviewing the plans. We also create 3D computer models so you can easily visualize the design. Revisions are included in the process – we’ll strive to make the solutions ideal before we move on to the next design phase.

Design Development: In this phase we design the details – cabinets, lighting, exterior materials and more. We also start the finish and fixture selection process and incorporate choices into the design as we go. Our interior design services are tailored to each client – we’ll provide help with finishes according to your needs. The resulting set of drawings is used for contractor preliminary pricing and we’ll assist with the pricing process, whether it’s negotiated or a bid process.

Construction Drawings: After pricing we make adjustments as needed. “Value engineering” can reduce the cost of a project without taking away from the overall intent. Let’s make sure money is spent for the best value. Another layer of information is added to the drawings for permit and construction. Permit reviewers need to see code related information, and builders use the drawings to communicate with their subcontractors. Construction details that require more information are carefully drawn. Finally the construction drawings serve as part of the builder’s contract. We take our role as graphic communicators seriously.

Construction: It’s exciting to see your project take shape. We are available for construction administration; questions come up and there may be a few final selections that need to be made. We work well with builders and are happy to be involved. We want the experience of building to be what it should be – an enjoyable journey. Once the project is complete, don’t hesitate to ask for help with the interiors and landscaping!

Wondering about fees and time frame? Give us a call at 713-432-7377 so we can talk to you about your project.

We’ll place equal emphasis on the aesthetics and the performance of your project.

The style of a home starts with its owners. Each home should be a reflection of its inhabitants. The floor plan is designed to support your lifestyle. People need generous family area as well as intimate personal spaces. Materials, colors, textures and details are layered onto a spatial composition. Natural daylight and views to the exterior are considered. Individuals have different preferences for natural light, and every project has a unique relationship to its site. Then there’s the art of organization. We know a successful home has the right kind of storage. Our goal is to make it a joy to put things away because everything has its place.

Finally we think of the house as a whole; architecture and interior design merge, and the home is a sequence of experiences. From the front walk, to the smallest of interior details, we are constantly thinking about your relationship to each space in the house. We design to inspire delight, and that means putting ourselves in your shoes – and designing experiences.

The performance of a home is important. There is way to measure the anticipated energy efficiency of a home – it’s a HERS score (Home Energy Rating System). Our projects have a good track record for lower utility bills. Read more – (add link to Obut blog (to follow)) Over the past couple year’s local building codes have caught up with energy star or LEED level performance for new homes. If you are interested in going beyond what’s required, we can talk about how to increase the “MPG” of your home.

We work with structural engineers for the design of a building’s frame and foundation and call upon them to review projects that will be remodeled. Older homes in particular deserve a preliminary structural review to identify any issues or constraints.

Performance also implies durability. We consider the long term implications of design decisions for maintenance. Carefully detailed and crafted projects will stand the test of time and help to protect your investment.

At a project’s completion, your style is what you’ll see and feel. It’s the beauty of a space. The performance will be reflected in your utility bills, the physical comfort of your home and its durability.

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