Braeswood Place – LEED Goldmore

A green home on a budget

Building a LEED home and being budget conscious might seem contradictory. This home proves that with some careful planning and choosing trade-offs wisely you can have your “green” and enjoy it too. When we started working with Irena and Oliver, they already had a plan in mind for the first floor. We worked with them to develop the rest of the house around their original ideas. Irene is from Vermont, so a New England inspired design was important to her. Oliver leaned more towards clean contemporary detailing. The resulting design is completely unique to this environmentally conscious family. For more about the design process for this project, please visit Oliver’s blog. You’ll find in depth information about the design process, construction and performance of this project.

  • Address: 4119 Underwood Street
  • Size: 3,283 s.f. of air conditioned space
  • Completion: Winter 2011
  • Builder: Michael and Tommy Strong
  • Construction System: Traditional wood stick frame with spray foam insulation, unconditioned crawl space and semi-conditioned attic
  • Solar Systems: Solar Electric System by APS

Energy Efficiency is the heart of any green project, and the LEED Gold rating for this project is partly the result of a very high energy efficiency score. HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System, and rates homes from 0 to 100. “100” represents a typical home build to the current energy efficiency standards. “0” is a zero energy home. This home received a rating of 39. Foam insulation, energy efficient windows, metal roof and solar panels all contribute to this high rating. To learn more about the power usage for this home visit

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