The Ronn Residence, LEED Goldmore

Memorial Stand Out, “Texas Deco Industrial” style.

Wow! When the opportunity to be part of the LEED for homes pilot program arose, we were excited. Being part of the pilot was a bit of a time investment and the learning curve was steep, but it was definitely worth the effort. The project continues to be a showcase project for LEED and the USGBC in the Gulf Coast area.

What did we learn? A lot: It takes planning and patience to put a LEED home together. The more you understand about the process and what to expect, the easier it is. In the end, the LEED process guided our decisions, and contributed significantly to the quality of the project.

When you look at the style of this home – you might wonder about the inspiration behind it. The Ronn Family requested a “Texas, Deco, Industrial” style home. Through several meetings, and design options we developed a unique home that perfectly suits their taste and lifestyle. The project includes a professional recording studio for David’s rock band. And there’s a slide in the center of the home.

“Kathleen’s special talent is listening to our goals, ideas and vision for the project and synthesizing them into physical form. She was able to bring to reality the picture I had in my head while at the same time providing invaluable advice regarding the technical and energy efficient aspects of the project.”
– David Ronn

  • Address: 9245 Wickford, Houston, TX 77024
  • Project Size: 4,200 s.f.
  • Completion: Spring 2007
  • Builder: Michael and Tommy Strong
  • Construction System: Insulated Concrete Forms with Stucco Exterior
  • Solar Installer: Harvest Solar, John Miggins

This project is constructed out of ICF, Insulated Concrete Forms. Hollow foam building blocks are stacked and filled with concrete. You can see the installation taking place in one of the photos. The resulting structure is extremely durable, energy efficient and sound proof. Paired with solar electric panels and a solar hot water this project earned high marks for energy efficiency – giving it a Gold LEED rating.

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  • How do we integrate LEED into the design process? Here’s our presentation pdf from the 2008 Gulf Coast Green Conference.